About The Layout

This is a redo of an old layout thats been sitting in my computer for some time now. xD Before it was a lot more complicated, too much so to code and to make it end up looking right. OTL So I redid it simplier and I think it came out quite nice. xD



Only one extra this time. :U

Term Of Use

1. Do not redistribute any part of this layout without permission.
2. Do not remove any of the credits.
3. Do not claim this layout as your own.
4. Do not rip off any part(s) of this layout and use it.

How To Use

First, download it and unzip it using Winzip. Then, upload everything to your web host. Edit the content and links on the index.html page. If you need to make a new page, then copy everything from this one and make a new page and edit whatever you need to.