Before I begin the introduction of this layout, I want to advise you don't put more than 6 links on the bigger navigation and no more than 3 on the smaller ones. Thank you (:

Another simple table layout. Although, it was not easy to code. Well, more like there was a lot of problems to fix, not really hard, it just took a lot of time. I'm actually quite proud of the css on this layout. I especially like the headers, I think I might steal them.
This layout also started out as an icon, and I really liked the coloring, so it has become a layout.
If you don't know french and you were wondering what the text says on the the layout was (which you probably don't care) it says "They love to read the novel(i was going to say book, but book sounds to much like lire). Do you?" I can make sentences in french :D It makes me feel smart. If you do speak french and you're wondering why I put the masculine form of 'they'. Well, that's because believe it or not, the person on the far left is indeed male.

icons that inspired me




-Do not not steal any coding or image from this layout.
-Do not remove any credit from this layout.
-Do not claim this layout as your own.
-Do not edit any image.

How To Use

1. Download zip file.
2. Unzip file.
3. Upload to your server.
4. Edit the index content, navigation, and title, nothing else.


Layout by Rebirth. Image from AnimeSuki.