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Dynamite with a laser beam

It's so late right now, I've stayed up all night working on a video project. We have to do a couple scenes from Romeo and Juliet for an English project, and I'm the editor (I also filmed, I can't act at all). It was hard to understand what they were staying in the video, so I added sub titles to the whole video, it took me about 3+ hours. I've decided it's finished, I don't want to work on it anymore.
My parents have used up all the memory on our computer, my mom films all of my brother's soccer games on her HD camcorder, and my dad takes millions of pictures of everything (he doesn't take up as much space as my mom). They have successfully sucked up all of our 700GB, so my dad went out and got a two terabyte hard drive. It will probably last two weeks which will be consumed by my mom's video obsession.
I have to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin for summer reading, is it good? Last year we had to read Hunger Games which was an amazing book.

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Kaitlyn on 29 May 2010. 35 Comments.

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