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this is page one of my evolution

I'm so excited for summer, it's nice and warm, and I have a month left of school. (:
I've been making a lot of icons, and some of them are animated. I've actually used Vocaloid PVs and made icons of of them. Surprisingly, they are actually pretty good quality. A big chunk of them are black and white, which I'm proud of because I rely on coloring only for most all of my icons. Also, I'm trying to limit myself to one or two icons per an image, because a lot of times I'll make fives icons using one image.

We also have two new link exchanges;
On to the new additions;

Edit By Nadja; Well as you can see Kaitlyn has been great with the updates, which inspired me to get off my lazy bum to make some layouts when.... My computer screen just died. |:U And I'm currently in the process of moving, so I might not get a new screen until after the move, so I'm currently on semi-hiatus, WHICH I HAVE BEEN IN FOR A WHILE NOW. -failshard- I'm going to try to be more active with talking with our affiliates more and stuff with the site though when I can. ;u; /End

Kaitlyn on 09 May 2010. 20 Comments.

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