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the right way is already lost

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I finally changed Rebirth's layout, I'm proud of myself for being able to keep the other one up for so long. Anyway, this layout features Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere. I've been wanting to use this image for the longest time, but I could never make it look nice. The title s'endormir dans les rÍves is from the game's opening and means 'fall asleep in the dreams'. Also, the text under Rebirth is more quotes from the opening. I've updated all of the pages so that they work with the new coding. I just would like to say the are a lot of pages, doing the whole PNG section was the worst. I also edited the design page, so it's much cleaner. I can't get the layout to work with anything older than Internet Explorer 7, but I've been testing them with NetRender and it has a history of showing me the wrong thing. I actually tested IE 5 (it was the newest version I could download on my mac) and it worked fine, so I hope 6 & 7 work too. I got the layout to work in Internet Explorer, thanks to this amazing site (: I also fixed the Cross My Heart (the other ones should be fine) layout to work in IE as well.

We have two new link exchanges;;Make sure you give them a click (:

Kaitlyn on 01 May 2010. 24 Comments.

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