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this city is on fire tonight

It's been two months, wow. Honestly, crew sucks up my life: 4 hours a day, seven days a week (actually more time on the weekends). Although, we get to go on the water soon, I'm so excited, I'm sick of erging (sorry most of you don't know what I'm talking about).
I've been coloring some manga lately, but I have a hard time finding nice clean artwork. Any suggestions on what to color?
-95 icons (I uploaded some and then Nadja updated, so a lot of them are behind her icons)
Durarara, Heart no Kuni Alice, Hetalia, Karneval, Umineko, and Vocaloid
-3 PNGs
Umineko, Touhou
-1 table layout

Kaitlyn on 14 Mar 2010. 22 Comments .

1. Nadja 17 Mar 2010 03:22 pm

And you always use suck lovely images. ;u;

2. Pogi 25 Mar 2010 09:24 pm

I love these updates! And your manga coloring is delicious. I love the new premade, too.:D

3. Koa-chan 31 Mar 2010 07:34 am

I'm diggin' those Karneval stuff you have. NAAAAAI~ ♥

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