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The town is already far, far away

I come to you all with more free time then I can handle. I'm not allowed to do any physical activity for awhile since I had a concussion and broken ribs (good combination, right). Lately, I've been reading a lot of tutorials lately about CSS and the new CSS3. I've edited my coding so it's cleaner. I've used it in the new layout I made, but I haven't change the whole site yet, because there are a lot of individual pages to change. During the next layout change I'll change it, and if we don't change layouts for a long time, I'll change it sometime I have a long weekend or something.

Kaitlyn on 25 Apr 2010. 22 Comments .

1. Koa-chan 28 Apr 2010 07:14 pm

Awesome new stuff here. I love the new layouts! That "Cross My Heart" layout was just gorgeous! XD And lovely new icons, as always. You play with colors so well.

AND OMGBBQ - what happened to you? Concussion and broken ribs??? Well, whatever the hell caused the undeserving you so much pain, I just wish you get well really really soon.... and tell me when you get a new layout up. ;) Ja ne! ♥ ♥

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