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Singing a song impulsively

I hope Nadja gets off her semi-hiatus soon, I want to see her pretty designs.
We've been having ACT testing at my school this week, so I get off when ever I don't have a test. I only had to take one for English and math, so I've gotten a lot of time off which was very nice. Although, only this and next week left until finals.

One new link exchange;
New additions;

Kaitlyn on 18 May 2010. 23 Comments .

1. Rii 18 May 2010 05:09 pm

I hate testing, I don't do so well...we had testing a little earlier, though.
Oh, wow, nice icons! Very pretty - especially the Vocaloid ones! I like the designs, too, especially the coloring!

Thanks, I hate viruses. It was pretty annoying, she did another thing that ticked us off again today, though. Oh, going to library isn't that bad... I mean, you get to read some books and watch people put them in shelves... xD Actually, never mind what I said.

2. Yume 21 May 2010 11:06 am

You know I came here some time ago and I have to say, the amount of improvement I see in this site since last I was here, is amazing.

I hope Nadja comes off it soon as well because I'd love to see some of her newer works and how they may have changed.

3. Koa-chan 24 May 2010 02:36 am

I share the same sentiments. I miss Nadja too. Anyways, this is an awesome new layout!! Loooove the bluuuuue~! <33

Oh, Kaitlyn I've got your request up at FFD now. Come and see yours and check the others too! ^_^

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